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Design Concept: Caldelle Vision: Finished Product

At Caldelle we pride ourselves as leather product design, development and sourcing specialists. Think of Caldelle as your creative leather partner. Our mission at Caldelle is to help designer’s realize their creative vision with high quality leather materials.

At Caldelle our approach is unique. We understand that Design is a process, so we have developed the exclusive Caldelle VISION program. Caldelle VISION is a dynamic service that guides designers from design Concept to bespoke design Solution.

Caldelle Vision

1. Concept:

Q&A to identify the idea and conceptual context. Discuss budget, color theme, purpose and goals. Review sketches, images, and inspiration.

2. Direction:

Compare concept against swatches and color trend boards. Flush out primary themes and define intended outcome.

3. Alternatives:

Present and review a variety of directions the concept could take, and prioritize the ideal version.

4. Solution:

Propose innovative design solution to fulfill your creative vision. Realize the ideal version through high quality materials.

Call us at 310-314-8800 or e-mail us at info@caldelle.com to schedule your appointment in Caldelle’s premier Bespoke leather design studio.

Caldelle Vision….helping designer’s realize their creative vision.